“Clear conception. We are not envious. And we are not rule breaker. “

BKG_CA_1996(The following is from a recent email.)


Dear Sriman Jayanta Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

I was so happy to see your name among the emails in my Inbox.

I haven’t heard from you in a long time but think of you often.

I am a little exhausted now from preparing a blog I just posted The Goswami Blogs — “vaporized.”

In this post I have made available some of BSG’s “hidden treasures”, including the one’s you mention in your email below.

I am not privy to all the goings on there in India but get some idea from a few friends what must be happening.

I know you want what is best for the service of Srila Govinda Maharaja. I have never doubted that.

For the most part you and I agree on what course to take.

I cannot explain fully my reasons just now, due to time constraints, but I am not of a mind to oust Sripada Acharya Maharaja for any reason, or even replace him on a temporary basis.

Whatever is being shown to us at the present moment, in terms of his conduct, legal problems and so forth, does not outweigh Srila Govinda Maharaja’s powerful declaration, as given in his Will and elsewhere, that there shall only be one acharya for the Indian Maths and the Indian group. That man is Acharya Maharaja.

Let us not fall victim to the same tendencies that caused the IAB to overrule Srila Gurudeva’s decision. Remember, they were also certain that they were justified in doing so, based on many good reasons, in their estimation.

It is a hard pill to swallow, but I believe as the Acharya of SCSM Navadwipa, etc. (personally selected by the previous acharya), only Acharya Maharaja can name his successor and only a successor named and installed by him, has a right to occupy his post.

I also believe he has every right to designate anyone of his choice (such as Santosh Prabhu) to serve any function he may decide to delegate to such a person.

In the case of Srila Govinda Maharaja, or one of our other Acharyas, I have no doubt you would fully agree with this. We should not change the rules simply because we do not like them at the present moment.

@ 23:00 So ordinary moral rules have nothing to do with the service of God.

@ 6:40
Did Swami Maharaja approach America with committee rules, or some other capital?

And you may remember this:

Clear conception. We are not envious. And we are not rule breaker. What is the rule, that we shall follow. Who is disciple of Guru Maharaja, he must follow this, line.

from the text of (emphasis added by me):

Srila Govinda Maharaja “Hapaniya Morning Lecture (12/26/93)”

SGM: If they will show in altar Srila Swami Maharaja’s photo, that will be misguide to others. That is, it is not ashram of Swami Maharaja, not his disciple. Disciplic succession. Altar means disciplic succession you will show, then you must show what is disciplic succession of Sridhara Maharaja’s Math. This is matter. It is not matter that you cannot worship any Vaishnava. You must worship Vaishnava, no problem. And that is our life’s goal, we worship the Vaishnavas”

SGM: In Guadalajara Math, that Math there are many disciples of Janardana Maharaja. This question also come, to me. And worshiping, Janardana Maharaja’s disciples, the Deities, what he will do? I told, you must put Janardana Maharaja’s photo there.

Clear conception. We are not envious. And we are not rule breaker. What is the rule, that we shall follow. Who is disciple of Guru Maharaja, he must follow this, line.

And, Janardana Maharaja, representative there now and he was guru there. He has disciple and disciple they are worshiping Deity. And disciple needs guru’s photo. What is the rule, that we shall follow. Who is disciple of Guru Maharaja, he must follow this line.

Disciple not will think, “My guru is small guru and Swami Maharaja is big guru.” That is offense to guru.

Disciple must think, “My guru is the supreme.” And, there, in the [parampara], my guru’s guru. My father is my father. It is very easy thing to understand. My grandfather may be a king. But, my father is my father. He’s my father.

My relationship with my father is very close. But blood relation with my grandfather. Grandfather my relative. And my father is my father, he is not relative.

And guru, his position, always supreme position. Guru Maharaja sometimes joking [sounds like] “chota guru chota hamsa, para guru paramahamsa” [“little guru, little mantra, big guru, big mantra” (chota guru, chota mantra, boro guru, boro mantra)]

Small guru, small mantram. And, big guru, big mantram, it is not. Joking, Guru Maharaja, that “chota guru chota hamsa, para guru paramahamsa”, it is not fact.

Guru means representative. Guru means incarnation of Krishna. And first test, that is the darshan, that is the vision of devotee, disciple. Then when he will enter in more and more deepest layer, level, then he will understand what is the form of his guru. There is Rupa Manjari, there is many things and supremely, it is extremely going to Srimati Radharani.

The buildings, the monies, the land, these are all transient things. We are not worshipers of buildings and money. And, anyway, they do not belong to us. If following our guru’s instruction results in the apparent loss of all these things then we will think “Only Krishna can steal a temple.”, immediately followed by the thought “He must want more service from me.”, the service of acquiring all these things again for His use.

When Srila Gurudeva wrote his Will, he certainly knew the implications of naming his successor for the Indian group. He certainly knows the meaning of Acharya, as Srila Sridhara Maharaja explained the extent of that position “He holds all of the assets but none of the liabilities.”

Srila Gurudeva, even before his disappearance, made it clear he was entrusting the spiritual lives of many persons to the care of Sripada Acharya Maharaja. No greater responsibility can be given to a man than this.

Money, and all the things of this world, are nothing compared to the value of properly directing a jiva on the path to his spiritual fulfillment. I urge you in the strongest way to always keep this consideration first and foremost.

Please also carefully consider the following:

Srila Sridhar Maharaja “Accepting the Inevitable from the Absolute Plane” (also 82.02.27.A)

@ 16:50 (After question pertaining to how initiations would be carried out after the disappearance of BSST, but before a “self effulgent Acharya” appeared.)
“You see, we have come to understand, generally we feel, that Acharya will appoint Acharya, his successor.

But we saw that he did not, he avoided. And, necessarily, we came to think that whatever spiritual education he had already imparted to his disciples, this, and perhaps it is natural, and he relied on his general preaching and instructions, that it will come naturally from, from his own, imparted grace. It will come automatically.

And, as it happened afterwards, in relative, from relative plane, we may not appreciate that, but from the absolute standpoint we find, that everything happens by the will of Krishna, Mahaprabhu, and necessarily of Gurudeva. And that is all good.

In different ways, in different stages, and that reacted. What he told, the reaction, the reverberation, has come in different ways. [sanskrt verse] If we can accommodate the dissolution of yadu vamsa, the war of Kurukshetra, if we find that that is not lacking in spiritual, from the Absolute standpoint, then this dismemberment also, is to be appreciated, appreciated.

While complaining, but we are to, still we are to accept the inevitable, inevitable. And through this process the inevitable will appear.

Now we are sitting to find dissatisfaction in the existing administration [of ISKCON]. It is a process. And through this process, perhaps something will come out. We can’t avoid this, this is a necessary process. So, after Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura, that was also so. Through our complaint, our dissatisfaction, so many things came, and it was propagated and preached, in particular way. And that is the final reading of things.

That in the ultimate, ultimate decision is in His hand. And what is happening, that is all right, that is all all right. Still, according to our own realization we shall strain, don’t do this, but when done, that may be accepted, by the will of Krishna.

It is a peculiar, thesis, antithesis, synthesis. “It is undesirable, don’t do it.” But, when it is done, it should be accepted, His will. We must, I am to adjust with that. In this way we are to take things.

You know I am not happy with the outcomes we’ve seen. I tried my best to follow the advice Srila Sridhara Maharaja gave:

If we can accommodate the dissolution of yadu vamsa, the war of Kurukshetra, if we find that that is not lacking in spiritual, from the Absolute standpoint, then this dismemberment also, is to be appreciated, appreciated.

While complaining, but we are to, still we are to accept the inevitable, inevitable. And through this process the inevitable will appear.

I was the first and loudest to object to many behaviors and actions taken by the IAB and by Acharya Maharaja, who was consistently enabled, supported and even encouraged, by all the members of the IAB, just as BSG has been.

But I was also always the first to object at any mention of Acharya Maharaja’s removal as acharya of Navadwipa, etc.

Even as the move for my censure was going on, I took the trouble to call Acharya Maharaja (in June of 2011) and warn him that I expected BSG would do exactly what he has just done.

I therefore think my advice to all parties, in all these important matters, can be seen as mostly neutral, based not on transient events, but on the guidance given by our preceptors. At least that is what I am attempting to do.

There is another pertinent advice, that BSG happens to have misquoted in one of his recent blogs. The correct quote, from my hearing, is this:

Srila Sridhara Maharaja- Whatever he [Swami Maharaja] might have said, I think that is all recommendatary [sic], all relative, not absolute, it is not possible. …

As scholarly as BSG is supposed to be, he almost never offers footnotes for his quotations. Without that reference it is very difficult to check the accuracy of his “quotations” which, even if accurate in themselves, are often used in a completely different context than that intended by the author of the quotation.

The one regarding “recommendatory” (used in the “Ultimatum” blog) is a good example. “He”, referring to Srila Prabhupada, is very different from “they” referring to “statements by any Guru (including Srila Govinda Maharaja).” Here is the misquote —

By the way, if you would familiarize yourself with the divine conceptions of Srila Sridhar Maharaja you would find with regard to Acharya appointments; statements by any Guru (including Srila Govinda Maharaja):

“Whatever they might say, it is all recommendatory, all relative; not absolute. That is not possible.”

If you should happen to read his blog “The Acharya Board of Srila Gurudeva” you will find he has viciously misconstrued every, or at least almost every, reference he took from my writings to make it appear I was saying things I never said or intended.

But I do digress. My reason for offering the quotation “Whatever he [Swami Maharaja] might have said, I think that is all recommendatary [sic], all relative, not absolute, it is not possible.” is to illustrate that although I have no doubt Srila Govinda Maharaja was very hopeful that the six acharyas he named would serve his chair as it should be served, and should therefore be respected and followed by those in their respective preaching fields, for which they “shall be acharya”, he did not intend this instruction to be either “Absolute” or irrevocable.

This means no one is unreasonably bound to accept a particular acharya if he has shown himself to be disqualified.

Each of us will have a different standard by which we make such a judgement. We must be very careful in making it:

…I must be sincere, I must search myself exhaustively whether my conscience is clear, impartial and motiveless, no ulterior motive when I am going to judge a man whether he is fit or unfit, who the other day my Guru Maharaja recommended to be fit, approximately.

The whole burden will fall to my head. The searching must be bonafide one and sincere. Risk is there because there is some authority coming down from above and I am going to challenge. So, am I in that position, getting some backing, some transcendental divine backing, divine push? Do I feel within me? Uh? Uh?

Ideal is alright, ideal is alright but the application should be very careful, for in the back, recommendation of my gurudeva is there. And wholesale, one or two may be eliminated, but the whole thing is rotten within two, three years, it is a very brave vision. So, one must be sure of his own platform, where he stands, stands, whether it is a real one.

It is a very bold action. If it is real, it is very laudable and it is extremely necessary for the welfare of the world _____________?? this is the important, there is no question about that. The purification, it is also a duty on me, the purification of the teachings of my Lord. No adulteration should enter there. To see that, it is also my duty as I am one of the meanest servants of my Lord. It is, the responsibility, it is also on me. That, like a dog, I must bark that the danger is ahead. It is my duty, inherent duty.

But still, I must be doubly sure, triply sure, that who I am going to eliminate, he is really to be eliminated, is a risky campaign.

Who our gurudeva appointed may be understood as he who “my Guru Maharaja recommended to be fit, approximately.” Using this word “approximately” is important. Our guru is our well-wisher and he is under painful necessity to provide for his dependents, even in his absence. In addition, the family of “Saraswatas” must be extended as far as possible. So our gurudeva names one, or more, he considers the most hopeful and reliable among those known to him, who he expects will continue the pure line of bhakti. But he cannot be held responsible for any appointment that goes bad. “He holds the assets, but none of the liabilities.”

In the extreme cases, even one’s own guru may be abandoned, if he is found to be unfit. Then what to speak of a successor appointed by a guru?

sarvadharman parityaja mam ekam saranam vraja. Krsna says, “Give up everything. Come to me directly.” This is the revolutionary way. This is absolute. And this is relative: “Stick to your own clan. Don’t leave them.” That is the national conception. There is nation consciousness and God consciousness; society consciousness and God consciousness. God consciousness is absolute. If society consciousness hinders the development of God consciousness, it should be left behind. This is confirmed in the SrimadBhagavatam (5.5.18):

gurur na sa syat sva jano na sa syat
pita na sa syaj janani na sa syat
daivam na tat syan na patis ca sa syan
na mocayed yah samupeta mrtyum

“Even a spiritual master, relative, parent, husband, or demigod who cannot save us from repeated birth and death should be abandoned at once.” What to speak of ordinary things, even the guru, may have to be abandoned. One may even have to give up one’s own spiritual guide, as in the case of Bali Maharaja, or one’s relatives, as in the case of Vibhisana. In the case of Prahlada, his father had to be given up, and in the case of Bharata Maharaja, it was his mother. In the case of Khatvanga Maharaja, he left the demigods, and in the case of the yajna patnis, (the wives of the brahmanas) they left their husbands in the endeavor to reach the Absolute Personality.

We need society only to help us. If our affinity to the society keeps us down, then that should be given up, and we must march on. There is the absolute consideration and the relative consideration. When they come into clash, the relative must be given up, and the absolute should be accepted. If my inner voice, my spiritual conscience decides that this sort of company

— Sri Guru and His Grace

I read your nice letter to Sripada Janardana Maharaja. It was very thoughtful of you to remember me in your comments. I am very appreciative of the good-will you have shown towards me.

It was also kind and thoughtful of you to offer, once more, your friendly and good advice to Janardana Maharaja. I will be interested to see his response.

I am also interested, to some extent, to hear whatever news you may have from that side. Although I am almost completely separate and aloof from those gentlemen, I am not inimical to them. I want good for them, but am almost powerless to do anything except remind them of various directives given by our predecessor acharyas. Actually, I cannot even do that, as they reject my every attempt which they see as coming from one who is “acting offensively, independently and without authority.” as they stated in their letter of censure.

Still I am doing my best to present the teachings of our acharyas in different ways through our website, my correspondence with devotees and so forth. I do this in the hope that once in a while someone like yourself will find some value in these things. If so, then Srila Gurudeva may have something good to think about me. It is also possible that these attempts may indirectly influence the leaders in a positive way.

Unfortunately, even before the censure, Janardana Maharaja wrote to me on March 4, 2011:

For my part, I have already written you that I find you to be very offensive and I don’t want to hear from you again. I will expand that to say “again in this lifetime.” Honestly, Maharaj, I really want nothing to do with you.

Bhakti Pavan Janardan

Not wanting to disturb him, I have not tried to contact him since then.

As you are returning from India in January, I am scheduled for a preaching tour beginning near the end of that month. I will be visiting our center in London where His Grace Sriman Uddharan Prabhu will join with me for the trip to Ukraine and possibly Russia.

If you would care to join any part of our tour, I would welcome your company.

Of course you are always welcome here, although you may have to build me a separate bathroom and soundproof my bedroom to accommodate certain peculiarities you’ve observed about me.

I pray this finds you well in health and spirits.

Giri Maharaja