BSG | “[Y]ou are kindly, most affectionately keeping me honest… “

The following is a portion of an email sent to Swami B.K. Giri from Bhakti Sudhir Goswami. Anyone interested may receive a complete copy by requesting it via our “Contact” page.

giri mj — you are kindly, most affectionately keeping me honest (if that’s possible) trivikram mj and i were praising u like anything at lunch prasad the other day

one could think, “giri mj is a little argumentative” and be that as it may t mj and i both agreed, you an acute listener and observer and very often reveal (to he and i) the gaps (when speaking fragmentally) the flaws in our theory or proposal and natural questions that arise if one is following the implications of what is being said (and much much more)

. . .

you know i want my arguments to be unassailable — i asked jayadvaita mj to preview the “17 page paper” to assess its flaws, his response, “it is philosophically unimpeachable.” and giri mj i simply take it that u are (and at a modest fee, i might add) y ontological spotter — and i am really thankful for that — i might get a little annoyed at the time — but u make me think “t mj’s words and i agree) and in the that reflection i hone my reasoning and my presentation becomes more structured, gaps are filled, sequence is better structured and my argument becomes more tenable.

so giri mj u r helping me in the the most valuable way and if i get credit for bogtv u get credit for people more readily acepting my arguments because of the improved order and structure achieved by factoring in ur reasonable considerations.

My eternal dandabats to ur Holiness as always,