BSG’s Letter Seeking Acharya Maharaja’s Forgiveness

It has now been more than a week since Sripada Avadhuta Maharaja assured the world, in his open letter of Dec. 9, 2013, that BSG “in a couple of days” will publicly ask Acharya Maharaja to forgive him “for breaking the Vaisnava etiquette”.

I’m sure that in couple of days all their fighting matter will go down and Acharya Maharaj will himself publicly announce that he made some mistakes and Goswami Maharaj publicly will ask him forgiveness for breaking the Vaisnava etiquette.” — B.B Avadhuta Maharaja (emphasis added), “Avadhuta Maharaja explains BSG’s attack on Acharya Maharaja.”

To assist in this matter I have provided a space here, so that as soon as I become aware of BSG’s posting his public plea for “forgiveness for breaking the Vaisnava etiquette”, it can immediately be inserted here for everyone to read.

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Coming Soon!

This space reserved for…

Text from BSG’s blog seeking forgiveness from Sripada Acharya Maharaja for “breaking the Vaisnava etiquette.”

It has been…

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…since Goswami Maharaja promised to issue a public apology for his behavior.

We are still waiting!

B.S. Goswami