“Gadadhara Pandit, who is told to be the Radharani Bhava incarnate.”



Srila Sridhar Maharaja “Doing Your Duty”

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“Vaishnava in general, they are fully dependent on the will of Krishna. So. sometimes tho, we find difference in their activity and we go to put valuation according to that. But, that is not always true. Because, the underlying principle is this, that whoever is chosen for a particular service by the Lord, and the Lord wants to do whatever thing through him, that is done.

So his selection, sometimes selection comes to A, sometimes to B, sometimes to C. So. there is a standpoint of looking at them. They’re at the disposal of the Infinite Will. And, Infinite Will according to Sweet Will, how He likes to utilize whom, in what purpose that [belongs/becomes?] successful, that is the Absolute consideration. But still we cannot but connect the success with the medium. There is also some value in that. But still we should think about the background, that the Divine Will, the Highest Will, that is working through us, through us. So, we should not extremely allow us to think according, according to one’s activity, to judge them, judge them, that is also standard.

Gaura Kishora Babaji Maharaja, he did not preach, but his disciple, our Prabhupada, preached in a big magnitude.

Lokanatha Goswami, he did not preach at all. His only disciple, Narottama Prabhu, his preaching is most extensive, we find.

So, not only with the amount of work that is shown outside, a Vaishnava should be judged. They’re at Their disposal, at His disposal, disposal of the Divine Will. For whatever service He makes His choice to a particular person [as well as?] servitor, and he can do it, do it.

Gadadhara Pandit was a very innocent type. Nityananda preached throughout the length and breadth with great force. But Gadadhara Pandit, who is told to be the Radharani Bhava incarnate. But not pushing, not doing any tangible service in the Lila of Mahaprabhu, but her affinity towards Mahaprabhu exceeds that of all.

So not by the magnitude of the external activity we shall go to judge the position of a Vaishnava, always. Still what service we can’t ignore, that is a noble thing, a great thing. But ultimately, the key is in the hand of the Lord. END @ 04:46; Transcriber — bkg