Happy Janmastami!

Lord Krishna & Yashoda Maa


Today I received affectionate well-wishes from some friends wishing me a “Happy Janmastami!”

I replied:

My dear friends,

Please accept my blessings and well-wishes.

We have heard an astrologer predict that a wonderful baby will appear tonight in Gokul from the womb of Srimati Yashoda Devi, the wife of Sri Nanda Maharaja. Through His appearance, He will remove all inauspiciousness from the world, annihilate the demon Kamsa, and all his demon friends. His name will be Krishna because His beautiful blackish form is all-attractive. He will give great joy to His devotees, whose happiness will increase unlimitedly as He exhibits wonderful pastimes and the most affectionate relationships with His servants, friends, elders and girl friends. Even the trees, grasses and inanimate objects, such as stone, will feel their hearts melted with love by His touch or even His glance in their direction.

He will be known by many names such as Shyamasundara, Yashomatinandana, Gopal, Giridhari, Gopishwara, and Radha Ramana, each of which give hints about His transcendental activities and relationships and, provide unlimited pleasure to His devotees, who chant these names constantly due to love and affection and, to quell their feelings of separation.

Because He gives happiness to all the residents of Gokul, He will be known as Gokulananda.

May that wonderful Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose appearance and activities are foretold in the Vedas and heralded by the demigods and, Who is worshipped and served with great love and devotion by His eternal associates, servants and friends, also appear forever resplendent within our hearts.

With affection,

Swami B.K. Giri