“My Auspicious Friends, the Offenders” – A Letter to Prapanna das


From: BK Giri
Subject: My Auspicious Friends, the Offenders.
Date: December 16, 2013
To: Prapanna das

My dandavats to you Sriman Prapanna Prabhu,

I have a few friends that are very straight and simple hearted devotees. They are not duplicitous, as they have no self-interest, only interest in the truth, serving guru, vaishnava and so forth. When I associate with them I feel purified by their association. I feel that way with you. It is very auspicious for me.

I am happy to hear you like the term “innocent daughter.” It expresses the point clearly. As you said, “he took advantage of her innocence and inexperience.” Yes, that is the truth and there is value in knowing that.

The whole Kuru dynasty was destroyed because they dared to try and exploit the innocent beauty of Srimati Draupadi Devi. The situation is similar. Even the mighty Pandavas, five powerful and valiant warriors, were helpless to save her.

Her chastity, her innocence and her devotion to Krishna was what protected her. Krishna would not allow this chaste lady, His devotee, to be exploited, even though no one else could do anything to stop it.

We are all, in a sense, in the position of Srimati Draupadi Devi. We are tatastha shakti, a very weak energy of Krishna, and we are all prakrti, meant to be exploited. But we can choose whose plaything we will be. We can choose to be exploited by Krishna, or by maya. To be exploited by Krishna, to be used by Him in any way He likes, is our only protection against exploitation by maya. Once we agree, with full surrender and devotion, to accept Krishna’s exploitation, He will never allow anyone else to exploit us. He will protect us in all circumstances.

The pancha Pandavas were innocent, Draupadi Devi was innocent and Srimati Kunti Devi was innocent. Lord Ramachandra, Sita Devi and Sri Lakshmana were also innocent. All of them were spotless and pure, and all were banished to the forest to suffer ignominy (disgrace) for many years. They could have protested, but they did not. And when the Divine Will chose to move in another way, all their enemies were vanquished and they became famous as great personalities.

We don’t know what Krishna has planned for us. Now we are in the forest. But at least we have a few good friends in the forest with us who make the forest an auspicious environment and help us to appreciate its simple beauty.

“All the offenders have come here.”, Srila Sridhara Maharaja used to joke with us. I was one of those offenders. Now again I have been labeled an offender by another group of big acharyas. Your “innocent daughter” was labeled an offender, as you were, for supporting her. My closest friends have also been blessed to receive the same label.

What I am, I don’t know; offender or sincere seeker. But I see all my friends as sincere seekers; so I am happy to be in their company, whether living in the forest or in a palace. Wherever I may be, when I am with them, I feel it is an auspicious environment.

I pray this finds you well in all respects. Please convey the same to your auspicious family.

Swami B.K. Giri


Facebook Message
From: Prapanna das

Dandavat Pranam Maharaj,

In light of recent events, the letter of BSG etc., I felt the need to add these details to make more clear the situation. I agree with the term you used, “innocent daughter”, because he [BNA] took advantage of her innocence and inexperience.

I would like to express my gratitude for the beautiful letter you sent to me, it is really special for the fact to clarify all the points in a profound way. It is a great inspiration for me.

Jay Gurudeva! Jaya Guru Maharaj!

Prapanna das