My incapacity.

Dear Srimati Lilavati Devi and Sriman Uddharan Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances to you both.

Since opening the package you sent that arrived yesterday, and seeing the contents, followed by the notice of your donation, I have been searching for a way of describing my wonder at the kindness the two of you have bestowed upon my humble self. Suddenly it just came to me, “overwhelmed.”

I know whatever comes to me is all for the glorification of our gurus. Yet many of these things come with my name attached to them, so I feel I must try to respond.

But what can I say? All my words seem but a shadow of my feelings of appreciation. You have both done so much to help me with my service to our Sri Sri Guru Gauranga and I can do nothing for you. But if I have any connection with Them, or even if I do not, I believe They are seeing everything and will personally fulfill the innermost desires of your devotional hearts.

You see, I have not the least independent capacity or wealth of my own. I cannot even properly reciprocate the affection of my dear friends without turning to Srila Gurudeva for his help and support. Only he can give you what I would give, if I could.

I pray this finds you well and happy in your service.

Your humble servant,

Giri Maharaja