One Worldwide Acharya? Sriman Vrajanatha Seeks Clarity: Srila Giri Maharaja Responds

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From: Vrajanath das
To: Srila B.K. Giri
Date: 12/29/14

Dandavats Maharaja.

I´m Vrajanath das from Mexico, on the past, we have here your good association on Govinda Maharaj world tour, even you were present in my house in Orizaba few hours with Gurudev and all the travelling party, on the way from Veracruz to Mexico D.F., do you remember ? Happy moments and days, isn´it ? I remember that Gurudev and you all enjoyed the mexican mangoes that were specially sweet and tastefull that time.

Anyway, I come to you to report that the following link is broken: .

I know that Gurudev apointed the Acharya Board as stated on the letter you are publishing, Gurudev appointed Acharya Board to help Nirmal Acharya on His Mission. But there are many evidences Gurudev Srila Govinda Maharaj left apointing Nirmal Acharya Maharaj as His only successor and Acharya of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math. So I would like to know if you have any other evidence against, I follow your link, but I told you it is broken.

I´m trying sincerely to follow Gurudev directives, and for me it indicates that I have to accept Nirmal Acharya Maharaj, soul and hearth as the next sucessor Acharya of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math worldwide, so if there is any other against directive, I would like to know it, even though it would be contradictory.

Maharaj is nice to address you again, and if you can help to clarify my mind on this subject, I will thank you very much.

Please accept my sincere dandavats to you and also my affection

Srila Giri Maharaja’s reply.

From: Srila B.K. Giri
To: Vrajanath das
Date: 12/29/14

Dear Sriman Vrajanatha Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Yes, of course I remember you very well and our very pleasant stay in your home in Orizaba.

You also came for one of the encampments I attended at Prabhu Vrajabasi’s country house next to Sriman Adwaita’s & his family.

As to your question about a single worldwide acharya, please carefully read Srila Gurudeva’s Will. You can find it on our website at: This is Srila Gurudeva’s Will in its original form, not the annotated version displayed on the website of Sripada Acharya Maharaja.

Reading the Will you will see that Srila Gurudeva named six acharyas to succeed him, not one. If he intended only one worldwide acharya, as he was during his time, he could not have named five others in addition to the one. If there are six acharyas, there cannot be only one. If there is only one acharya, there cannot be six. It is simple mathematics.

Furthermore, if there were to be only one worldwide acharya, he would not have instructed us to form an Acharya Sabha “composed of initiating acharyas [acharyas is plural, not singular], to consult with one another… “:

An Acharya Board (Acharya Sabha) shall be formed, composed of initiating acharyas, to consult with one another regarding all spiritual matters and to give guidance to all Trust Boards.

“One another” also means a plurality, not one single individual.

I pray this finds you well in health and spirits.

Swami B.K. Giri

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