“With all well wishes for your mission in the line of Srila Guru Maharaj and Sri Gaurasundara.”

The following is an email to a disciple of Srila Sridhara Maharaja who wrote to Srila Giri Maharaja in appreciation of his visit to our center in England during March of this year.

Dear _______________ ,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

It’s good to hear from you. I apologize for also being a bit “belated” with my response to your email.

It has taken me until now to get to the point where things are more or less back to normal here, after being away for six weeks or so. That said, my “eyes” for seva are always far bigger than my “stomach” can accommodate. So I am always running behind so much seva in front of me, but can never catch up to it.

I also hope to spend more time in the UK in the future and look forward to meeting with you and Read More...

“Gadadhara Pandit, who is told to be the Radharani Bhava incarnate.”


Srila Sridhar Maharaja “Doing Your Duty”

@ 00:00
“Vaishnava in general, they are fully dependent on the will of Krishna. So. sometimes tho, we find difference in their activity and we go to put valuation according to that. But, that is not always true. Because, the underlying principle is this, that whoever is chosen for a particular service by the Lord, and the Lord wants to do whatever thing through him, that is done.

So his selection, sometimes selection comes to A, sometimes to B, sometimes to C. So. there is a standpoint of looking at them. They’re at the disposal of the Infinite Will. And, Infinite Will according to Sweet Will, how He likes to utilize whom, in what purpose that [belongs/becomes?] successful, that is the Absolute consideration. But still Read More...

On this day, 1969 — “we are converting hippies to the sane condition.”


Conversation Before Lecture — April 29, 1969, Brandeis University, Boston

Miss Rose: It’s not in good order Swamiji.

Prabhupada: Eh?

Miss Rose: It’s not in good order.

Prabhupada: Which order?

Miss Rose: Well, my house where I live.

Prabhupada: No, no. I say that you purchase one house.

Miss Rose: Participate in one house?

Prabhupada: Purchase.

Devotee: Purchase. Buy.

Miss Rose: Oh. Am I gonna dig gold?

Prabhupada: Oh, you have no money?

Miss Rose: To buy a house? I wish I did. I’d take all of the disciples and put ’em all in one house.

Prabhupada: Yes. You just make one down payment, and they will pay monthly.

Miss Rose: Krsna!

Prabhupada: Yes. Krsna will help you.

Miss Rose: Krsna!

Candanacarya: Sell your car!

Miss Rose: I’ve got a bad back. I can’t walk.

Candanacarya: Your car helps your back?

Prabhupada: Oh, your car is so nice. If I would Read More...

“A Math in Ukraine” — an Email Exchange With Srila Giri Maharaja (“Матх в Украине” — Обмен е-маел С Шрилой Гири Махараджем)

BKG folded hands

Date:  March 25, 2014

My dandavats Srimati Lalasamayi Devi,

From an earlier email to another devotee:

“I hope your recent preaching tour of Ukraine went well, given the significant turmoil there.”

Yes, our (myself & Sriman Uddharan Prabhu) preaching in Ukraine was very successful. In both Kiev and Odessa all our programs were very well attended which gave us the opportunity to associate with many nice devotees and meet many new people. As a result we are taking steps to establish a permanent Math there.

In Odessa we were welcomed with open arms, flower garlands, happy faces and good attendance to the programs we held almost every day for three weeks.

For the most part, those who attended were disciples of Sripadas Vallabha Tirtha Maharaja and Bodhayana Maharaja. They were Read More...

Observance of the disappearance Mahotsav of Om Vishnupad Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya-varya Ashtottara-shata-sri Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj.


Disappearance Festival of Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaja. We humbly invite your participation in glorifying our most dear Spiritual Guide and Guardian during this Mahotsava of his fifth Disappearance Anniversary held at his beloved New Jersey Math. Please RSVP by clicking on the ‘contact‘ page.

Srila Giri Maharaja “Appearance day of Sri Advaita Acharya – Odessa Evening Lecture 2/6/14”

Video – ВИДЕО

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Audio – АУДИО

2/6/14 Odessa Lecture
(Press Down Arrow to Download MP3 – Нажмите стрелку вниз на скачивание mp3)

Description – ОПИСАНИЕ

Many devotees gathered at the residence of Srila Bhakti Kanan Giri Maharaj in Odessa to observe the Appearance day of Sri Advaita Acharya.

There was Harinam Sankirtan, followed by a reading from Chaitanya Charitamrta and Srila Giri Maharaj spoke about the glories of Advaita Acharya. Afterwards Maha-prasadam was distributed for the pleasure and full satisfaction of the assembled Vaishnavas.

New Year Calendar

Calendar updated.

For several years now Sriman Uddharan, the leader of our UK Centre, has been preparing our Calendar, which includes adjustments to the Ekadashi dates and paran times, to make them suitable for our time zone (Eastern United States).

The calendar is now current for the new Gaurabda year (529) through the end of June.

A full calendar will soon be available.

Please note: The following calendar contains dates and times intended to be used only for the observance of the Ekadasi fast and its’ paran (break fast) for our New Jersey Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

The calculations have been made according to local Philadelphia time and location. The times may also be used by everyone in the area we serve including New York City and the entire state of New Jersey.

Those in a different

“We give up.”

We don’t give up easily, but we know when we’ve been beaten. Today we acknowledge our defeat after receiving many beatings from Facebook.

Facebook, you win.

After countless struggles with uploads, shares, posts, etc., we admit to being no match for overcoming the many obstacles presented by Facebook, obviously intended to defeat all our attempts to use it as a convenient means of interfacing with the public.

Today we posted this message on our scsmathglobal.com Facebook Page:

We are no longer supporting this Facebook Page.

As a non-profit organization Facebook requires us to use their business format with so many associated problems it barely functions. That is our experience.

For us to use this Facebook page to our advantage would require a dedicated volunteer to maintain it.

If anyone

Srila Giri Maharaja, “A devotee’s appreciation of honesty.”

BKG folded hands

Dear Sriman ____________ dasa,

Please accept my humble obeisances in remembrance of our Divine Masters.

Please excuse me for not replying sooner. We had some problem with our website and, as a result, the emails from our “Contact” page were not getting forwarded to me.

| I hope your recent preaching tour of Ukraine went well,given the significant turmoil there.

Yes, our (myself & Sriman Uddharan Prabhu) preaching in Ukraine was very successful. In both Kiev and Odessa all our programs were very well attended which gave us the opportunity to associate with many nice devotees and meet many new people. As a result we are taking steps to establish a permanent Math there.

As for the “turmoil” you referred to; at one point, near the end of our visit, we had to change Read More...

Sunday 16th March 2014. Sri Gaura-Purnima. Divine Appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


Sri Gaura-Purnima. Fast all day until moonrise then no grains.

We humbly invite you to participate in the grand festival of Sri Gaura-Purnima & the start of the 529th Gaurabda year.
Festivities include sankirtana, readings from Chaitanya-caritamrta, discourses and anukalpa.

Please RSVP via our contact page.

For your satisfaction we offer this audio recording

SGM Gaura Purnima 2002

of Srila Govinda Maharaja’s talk on Sri Gaura-Purnima in 2002.

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