Srila Giri Maharaja “All Conceptions of Junior and Senior Lost Their Meaning… “


Date: 3/1/16

Dear Sripada Tyagi Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Today I became lost in the ocean of jñāna. I was searching for some original materials that would delineate the lineage (parampara) of the other three principal vaishnava sampradayas. The ocean is filled by many tributaries and searching one and then another I happened to come to an old version I have of “Gaudiya Gitanjali” (from about 1986). Wanting to verify the authenticity of its origin & some passages therein, a further search took me to and searching there for “Gaudiya Gitanjali” I found it listed under “Publications Available” in your book Sri Sri Nityananda Mahimamrtam.

I had not read this book previously and thought to take a few moments to get some idea about it by starting at the beginning, as is my tendency and, it so happens, conforms with Srila Gurudeva’s directions for reading. For me that means reading the cover and even the title pages, which I carefully scrutinize before entering into the text. After reading the Contents, and very pleased to see everything done so nicely to this point, I came to your Forward; not knowing, but suspecting it may have been written by you. As I read it, it was so nice I wondered “Could this have been written by Kamala Krishna, one who is so much junior to me?” At last I came to see your name as the author of the Forward and it was confirmed, “Yes! It was written by Kamala Krishna dasa, now Sripada Tyagi Maharaja.” Then, all conceptions of junior and senior lost their meaning and I could only appreciate how wonderfully you were able to portray the sentiments of a real disciple of Srila Govinda Maharaja and, in the form of seva to His Divine Grace, deliver to the world the many wonderful expressions of the glories of Sri Nityanandachandra from our Sri Guru Varga.

By coincidence, as it also appears in your book and occurred during my research, I had just been reading Srila Guru Maharaja’s “Sriman Nityananda Dvadasakam” in an old song book, Sri Kirtana Manjusha.

Remember I said I had become lost in the ocean of jnana? Lost I am. I still haven’t found what I originally sought and I’ve accomplished little. But I found some nectar and thought I must express my appreciation to you for supplying it.

I pray this finds you well in all respects.

With affection,

Swami B.K. Giri