Srila Giri Maharaja “Connecting the dots…”

The fun continues.

When Sripada Goswami Maharaja uses these dots “…” to indicate something more was written, do you wonder what it might be?

Do you wonder if the dots are used like the letter he posted on his blog “Dear Giri Maharaja…?”

Preceding that letter he announced “Here is the email; unedited, in its entirety.”, but did not include my letter to him, or the ensuing letters that followed, all of which would be necessary to understand the true context of the letter posted by BSG.

In other words, the dots and the letter indicate there is more to the story, but we are to trust him that it is irrelevant or unnecessary.

I would rather trust my readers to make that decision.

I hope by now all of you have read the rest of the letters which I believe are very relevant and are posted on our Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Blog @

I hope you will also take a closer look at the “…” (dots) in the latest BSG Blog, “The Acharya Board of Srila Gurudeva.”

Yes, I know he is hoping I will promote his Blog. That’s okay, I want you to read it.

The more you read of his writings on these topics, the more you will appreciate my view. Not because I am a better writer or that I can match his from or style, but because I am telling the simple and straight truth and I do not need to hide anything from you in order to convince you of this. The more you see, the clearer my position will become, and I believe, the more likely you will be to accept it.

If you still don’t accept my view, that’s also okay with me, as long as we are clear on the points of disagreement. I do not expect everyone will agree with me on everything.

There are many misleading statements in BSG’s latest blog. I will examine just one for now.

Within the next day or so I will make the entire (unedited) letter discussed below available and hopefully have the time to zero in on a few more distortions of the truth presented on BSG Blog.

Excuse me for a moment to explain one more thing.

When I say “The fun continues.” It is not to make light of the subject matter. It is to convey my mood that what Goswami Maharaja is doing is, dare I say it, laughable.

He has taken serious subjects and twisted them so badly with word jugglery and false imaginary meanings as to make them ludicrous.

“In order to present their false, imaginary meanings, they must adopt so much word jugglery and grammatical interpretation that they finally become ludicrous.”— CC Madhya 6.132, Purport

Again, I can and will offer several examples to support my contention, but for now, let’s take a look at the latest BSG foray into the “imaginary meanings” jungle.

The following is from the BSG Blog “The Acharya Board of Srila Gurudeva.”

“While recognizing that Srila Govinda Maharaja has given Srila Acharya Maharaja and the Acharya Board the “charge to guide his Mission” Giri Maharaja says he will now take charge of the mission.

‘Srila Acharya Maharaja and the Acharya Board are, either incapable or unwilling to follow the direction and charge given them by Srila Gurudeva to guide his Mission after his disappearance. I am, therefore, taking the charge myself…’”

The implication is clear.

In a similar fashion to the ISKCON GBC accusing Srila Sridhara Maharaja of wanting to “take over ISKCON”, Goswami Maharaja wants his readers to think that “I am, therefore, taking the charge myself…” means, as he directly says it does, “Giri Maharaja says he will now take charge of the mission.”

Goswami Maharaja knows that’s not what I was saying. Why would he imply that I was saying something I did not say or mean?

Let’s look at the entire sentence as it appeared in a personal email I sent to a friend of mine which somehow got into the hands of BSG.

“I am, therefore, taking the charge myself, in the only way available to me, to establish that portion of SCSM over which I have been given direct responsibility and make it perfect in the minds and hearts of Srila Gurudeva and his devotees.”

Does this mean what Goswami Maharaja said it means, “Giri Maharaja says he will now take charge of the mission.”

Is this a diabolical scheme to take over the worldwide Mission of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math?


It is a clear and simple acknowledgement that there is a “portion of SCSM over which I have been given direct responsibility.” Everyone knows what it is, New York, New Jersey and Detroit. And, I want to make that portion of the mission “perfect in the minds and hearts of Srila Gurudeva and his devotees.”

Is that not what Srila Gurudeva would want from each of the acharyas he personally selected?

Here’s a sample of what you can expect to find when I post the rest of the letter:

Responding to a suggestion from a friend that I obtain URL’s along the lines of “”, I wrote this:

“I think there is no need for bkgiri anything as I am not interested in promoting myself, only Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.”

It will be interesting to see the meaning BSG Blog draws from this quotation.

More fun? Let’s see.

“Scotty, how long before we reach ludicrous speed?”

“Maharaja, we passed it some time ago.”

In humble service to the devotees,

Swami B.K. Giri