Srila Giri Maharaja – “Good for Sripada Paramahamsa Maharaja”



Dear Sriman Uddharan dasa Adhikari,

My dandavat pranamas to Your Grace.

I just read your news about the Indian Maths (included below my signature).

Good for Sripada Paramahamsa Maharaja, Sriman Mahadeva and those others who have realized their grave errors in opposing Sripada Acharya Maharaja as the rightful heir to the Navadwipa Math and the Indian group of Maths and are now working to remove Sripadas Nandana Maharaja and Chaitanya Giri Maharaja who, according to Srila Govinda Maharaja, they left Srila Sridhara Maharaja’s sampradaya when they went outside of it to take sannyasa from Srila Puri Maharaja.

Paramahamsa Maharaja and associates seem to have realized on their own, and by Srila Gurudeva’s grace, that their actions were inappropriate. Contrast that with Sripada’s Acharya Maharaja and Janardana Maharaja who send their agents here to canvass on their behalf.

Led by Sriman Vidhura Krishna and Sripada Tyagi Maharaja, both working under the direction of Janardana Maharaja and Acharya Maharaja, they began their campaign here in the summer of 2010, immediately following Srila Govinda Maharaja’s disappearance. At that time they came here as a small group of men from Soquel to gather support for Acharya Maharaja who had been pronounced the worldwide acharya by the IAB, with Janardana Maharaja and others named to be acharyas lending their support to that conception and deferring to him. This was all done despite the fact that no such inference could be reasonably drawn from anything implicitly or explicitly stated by Srila Govinda Maharaja. In addition, his Last Will and Testament explicitly stated his command that six sannyasis “shall” accept the post of acharya in specific regions of the world after his disappearance.

Before coming here Vidura Krishna contacted me to enlist my support for their doing collection in this area. I welcomed them to do so and invited them to stay in the Math whenever possible. We were happy to have them and we were enlivened to see their enthusiasm to collect for the Soquel Ashram. But they had another purpose in mind which I did not fully understand until I heard they were arranging a program in New York city, the purpose of which was to urge the devotees here to gather in Soquel in support of Acharya Maharaja’s first visit to the USA. The program they had arranged included invitations for all the known devotees of this area. I, even though named by Srila Gurudeva to serve as his successor for New York, was not invited to attend. This disturbed Srimati Divya Shakti Devi who saw this behavior as an affront to me, which of course it was. In response she kindly saw to it that I was invited and even took it upon herself to make a garland to offer to me at the outset of the program. In part, at least, I’m sure she did this to show how an acharya should be respected and to set a good example for the other devotees who were apparently unaware of such things.

Near the end of the program the Soquel devotees, a little shyly, invited everyone to come to Soquel for Acharya Maharaja’s visit. I then understood that to be the principal reason for arranging the program and why I had not been invited. They wanted to gather support for the acharya of the Indian group while in the house, so to speak, of the acharya Srila Govinda Maharaja named to represent him in New York.

Apparently they saw nothing inappropriate in these actions, although their shyness in front of me indicated otherwise.

Although I was, in the end, invited by the Soquel devotees to attend the NYC program, no arrangement was made by them for my transportation back to the Math. When this became known to Sriman Gokulananda he graciously took up the slack and drove the 200 miles round trip to bring me to the Math and return to his home in NYC. Otherwise, I would have been left to try and find my way back by bus and other public transportation.

To be frank, I doubt the Soquel devotees had much idea at all how to deal properly with senior devotees, Gurudeva’s rtviks and the acharyas named by Srila Gurudeva. During my numerous visits to Soquel, from the time of it’s inception until Srila Gurudeva’s disappearance, it was obvious the younger devotees had received little training in these matters. So much so, that the one responsible for their training, Sripada Janardana Maharaja, told me (immediately after Gurudeva’s disappearance) he would not accept the post of acharya for Soquel because it would not be accepted by the devotees there. I offered to go there at my own expense to support Gurudeva’s selection of him as acharya for Soquel but he was convinced no effort in that regard would be successful. I said “They must accept it, since it is Srila Gurudeva’s desire.” Janardana Maharaja reiterated his position that he would not be accepted as the acharya there. This told me two things. The Soquel devotees had little regard for Janardana Maharaja, and even insufficient regard for Srila Govinda Maharaja’s expressed direction. Of course, there must have been exceptions and I was not as convinced about this as Janardana Maharaja, but that’s the history and Janardana Maharaja’s expectation is one I could easily sympathize with.

Now Paramahamsa Maharaja and company have realized the inappropriateness of their actions with respect to the acharya of the Indian group and he/they has/have tearfully apologized for the misbehavior.

However, this gentleman (below) still does not know in the year 2017 whether or not his preaching programs this summer in New York and New Jersey, which he arranged in order to canvass on behalf of Janardana Maharaja and Acharya Maharaja, were appropriate or inappropriate. This came to my notice when he responded to this email from me:

3 Dec 2017

Dear Sripada Tyagi Maharaja,

Your guru is Srila Govinda Maharaja. He directed the following in his Last Will and Testament:

“Sripad Giri Maharaj is a very good person and my respect is also with Giri Maharaj. He will be the Acharya of New York, New Jersey and Detroit.”

What do these directions of your guru about “the Acharya of New York, New Jersey and Detroit” mean to you?

Swami B.K. Giri

Responding to my question he wrote this:

Dandavat Maharaj.

They mean you are appointed as the Acharya to serve in those areas.

If you mean to imply by this question that my visiting those areas last summer was something inappropriate, then I beg you excuse me for that.

-BKT [Bhakti Kamal Tyagi]

Not knowing how he understood Srila Gurudeva’s directions, I did not mean my question to imply anything, except the obvious, that I was interested to know: What do these directions of your guru about “the Acharya of New York, New Jersey and Detroit” mean to you?

What is implied by his answer is this: he does not know whether his canvassing on behalf of Acharya Maharaja and Janardana Maharaja in New York, with utter disregard for the acharya his guru named for New York is, or is not, inappropriate.

He begs I excuse him for his action, but only if I meant to imply by my question that his visit was inappropriate. Since I did not mean to imply that by my question, he does not seem to know whether his visit was inappropriate or not. At least he is non-commital on that point.

If Paramahamsa Maharaja’s activities were inappropriate in the preaching field of Acharya Maharaja and created a disturbance there, and Tyagi Maharaja understands Gurudeva’s direction about New York and New Jersey “mean you [Giri Maharaja] are appointed as the Acharya to serve in those areas.”, what possible business could he have here except to create a disturbance, as Paramahamsa Maharaja & others did in India? Is creating a disturbance here appropriate or inappropriate? BKT does not seem to know.

If, as he told me in the past, he is actually working under the direction of Janardana Maharaja and Acharya Maharaja (who immediately rejected Gurudeva’s Will), perhaps we should expect he cannot understand what has become obvious to Paramahamsa Maharaja, that Srila Gurudeva expected the devotees of his Mission to show respect for the integrity of the prabhu datta desha’s (the preaching fields assigned by the Lord, or His representative) he assigned to the various acharyas he named.

But that conclusion would contradict the truth. The truth is that all things are revealed to one who is faithful to a bonafide vaishnava guru. The Nuremberg Trials defense by Nazi’s: “I was simply following orders.” did not save them from being convicted of crimes against humanity. Similarly the disciples of Srila Gurudeva are responsible to obey his direction even if those posted as their superiors do not. The position of our guru is never supplanted by any other authority. We must be faithful to him, even at the risk of disobeying other prominent persons, be they mother, father, demigod, etc. or even another guru:

gurur na sa syat sva jano na sa syat
pita na sa syaj janani na sa syat
daivam na tat syan na patis ca sa syan
na mocayed yah samupeta mrtyum

“Even a spiritual master, relative, parent, husband, or demigod who cannot save us from repeated birth and death should be abandoned at once.” What to speak of ordinary things, even the guru, may have to be abandoned. One may even have to give up one’s own spiritual guide, as in the case of Bali Maharaja, or one’s relatives, as in the case of Vibhisana. In the case of Prahlada, his father had to be given up, and in the case of Bharata Maharaja, it was his mother. In the case of Khatvanga Maharaja, he left the demigods, and in the case of the yajna patnis, (the wives of the brahmanas) they left their husbands in the endeavor to reach the Absolute Personality.

We need society only to help us. If our affinity to the society keeps us down, then that should be given up, and we must march on. There is the absolute consideration and the relative consideration. When they come into clash, the relative must be given up, and the absolute should be accepted.

Sri Guru and His Grace

I pray this finds you well in all respects.


Swami B.K. Giri


Dear Devotees and Friends,

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga. All glories to our Divine Master, Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda-Dev Goswami Maharaj. Please accept my obeisances.

Under the guidance of Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj I have prepared this report for the sincere devotees around the world who are anxious for news of the situation of our Mula Math in Sri Nabadwip Dham.

I was recently in Kolkata and was staying at the Sevak Bhavan where Srila Acharya Maharaj and many other devotees were residing.

As Srila Acharya Maharaj previously wrote in his letter of September 27, 2017, the Dum Dum Park temple and the Kaikali temple are again operating under his guidance.

On December 5th there was a grand festival in the Dum Dum Park temple in honor of the holy appearance day of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda-Dev Goswami Maharaj which was led by Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj.

Sripad Parmahamsa Maharaj also attended that festival and spoke briefly. In his talk he spoke about his realization that it is now time to give up our ego and work together behind Srila Acharya Maharaj to protect the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math. The Math was being attacked from the outside and he now understood it was imperative that everyone work together to defend the Math against these attacks.

Over the last few months, several meetings were held between Srila Acharya Maharaj, Sripad Parmahamsa Maharaj, Mahadev Prabhu and several other devotees who had previously rejected Srila Acharya Maharaj’s position. Some devotees who were in attendance, described to me that those devotees, who were previously in opposition to Srila Acharya Maharaj, now expressed their genuine and sincere desire to work together in their service to Srila Govinda Maharaj under the guidance of Srila Acharya Maharaj. Tears were shed, obeisances were offered and other heartfelt emotions of regret were publicly expressed by them.

In the will and last testament of Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda-dev Goswami Maharaj, Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj is named as his successor and proprietor of all the Math’s properties. However, shortly after Srila Govinda Maharaj’s disappearance in 2010, Sripad Parmahamsa Maharaj contested the will of Srila Govinda Maharaj. His objections halted the legal transfer of the Math’s assets into Srila Acharya Maharaj’s name.

Recently Srila Acharya Maharaj was happy to receive a very positive ruling from the Calcutta High Court. Sripad Parmahamsa Maharaj withdrew his objections to the will of Srila Govinda Maharaj and so the court ruled that the estate can now go into probate with Srila Acharya Maharaj as the executor. Probate means that the court has certified the will to be genuine. The court assigned two administrators to oversee the collection of all of Srila Govinda Maharaj’s assets and their subsequent transfer into the name of Srila Acharya Maharaj.

Srila Acharya Maharaj delivered copies of the court ruling to the various parties and authorities in Nabadwip and Krishnanagar. Initially, Nandan Swami and Ranjit refused to acknowledged the validity of the ruling. Consequently, they refused to vacate the Math in Nabadwip. Srila Acharya Maharaj, along with the court appointed administrators, were able to obtain a legal order for them to vacate the Math’s premises. Srila Acharya Maharaj plans to re-enter the Nabadwip Math within a few days to re-establish his position as the President Sevaite Acharya and guardian of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math in Sri Nabadwip Dham.

We are praying at the feet of our divine masters for their continued protection and grateful for their mercy and this auspicious turn of events.

Hasyapriya das,
Manager of the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Seva Ashram, Soquel, California