Srila Govinda Maharaja “I Am Always Remembering Your Holy Self” (1997 Letter to Srila Giri Maharaja)


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25 March 1997

Dear Sripad B.K. Giri Maharaja,

Please accept my dandavat pranams in remembrance of our Divine Masters, Srila Guru Maharaja and Srila Svami Maharaja Prabhupada. I have duly received your letter of 14 March.

I am always remembering your holy self and your steady service. You are tolerating so much and trying with everything you have to distribute the very high conceptions of Srila Guru Maharaja. What can we do? We have no other way, we must tolerate and we will stand alone if necessary.

Presently, if it is the wills of Krsna I will be leaving for London on May 4th. Then after a few days I will continue to the U.S. I will be very pleased to have the opportunity to meet Your Holiness.

The festival and parikramas for Sri Gaura-purnima have been very successful with the participation of so many devotees. Again my dandavat pranams to Your Holiness and all the devotees in your association.

Yours affectionately,

Swami B.S. Govinda