Srila Govinda Maharaja “Kolkata Morning Talk (12/27/92)”

Kolkata Morning Talk (12/27/92)

This recording of Srila Govinda Maharaja was made on 12/27/92 in Kolkata, India. Includes a lengthy discussion about Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura’s initiation from Sri Lokanatha Goswami after pleading with him 17 times to be accepted as his disciple. Narottama being invested with Mahaprabhu’s Prema which he left on the bank of the Padma river across from Narottama’s house when calling him, “Narottama, Narottama, Narottama”. The origin (Jiva Goswami) of the titles for Srinivasa, Shyamananda and Narottama, Acharya, Prabhu and Thakura respectively and the story of their taking the writings of the Goswamis by bullock cart from Vrndavana to Bengal after being stolen in Bengal by a king Viram Vhir, outwardly a devotee of Krishna, inwardly a dacoit.