Sriman Jagabandhu dasa “Guru siksha – reflection, refraction, restoration”

In his beautiful Bhagavata Speech, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur explains that when God’s Holy Words first are expressed as the Scriptures, They are, no doubt, Pure. However, through the influence of time and misunderstanding they receive the tincture of the nature of the receiver.

Therefore, new revelations are continually necessary in order to keep the Absolute Truth in its Original Purity. It’s expected that the students of the Holy Scriptures become realized souls themselves, then assimilate the spirit of the Scriptures, without becoming overly encumbered by the specific semantics of literal readings.

If we can understand the essence, or core of an idea, it will be easy for us to transpose it into any language, culture or environment, without changing the purport or meaning.

For instance, the macrobiotic diet appears to have a very Japanese influence. But, if the essence of its fundamental purpose where to be transposed into another culture, divested from its cultural adornments, how would it appear to the new culture? If any philosophy is divested from its cultural adornments and inserted into a foreign environment, how will it be perceived? What is the essence of the idea?

Srila A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada stated on many occasions that he was simply repeating the words of His Divine Master, Srila Saraswati Thakura. Nonetheless, we can easily see that their modes of expression where individually unique.

Regardless of which philosophy we may claim adherence to, if we can capture the gist, or essence of the core understanding, we will then be able to translate the original ideal into whatever AtmaSphere, or environment, we may happen to co-habitate, without pretense or argument, regardless of inevitable environmental or AtmaSpheric change.

The Scriptures and the words of Gurudeva can only be guidance to seeking souls who must, themselves, become illuminated with realized wisdom, thereby carrying the Essential Teachings by heart (and the Grace of Chaitya-Guru) to future seekers, whether or not there are written words, printing presses or Commentaries of any kind. Same as it ever was.

Sri Guru, our beloved eternal preceptor may have said much about this, and much about that. What did he mean? And why?

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