The mundane cloud will be dispelled by the grace of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Giridharijiu.

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The email below was sent on 6/11/13. There was no response.

Dear Srimans Radha-Syam and Indra Bandhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Within the next day or so I expect to be posting the below blog in accordance with your desire, as I understand it to be, and as your actions and behavior deem appropriate.

It was my hope (and remains so) that, given some time, your hearts would soften and you would be able to again hear the Divine message of Sri Guru as it is given by guru, shastra and sadhu. You would then be able to divorce yourselves from the mundane cloud that has come to hide the shinning spiritual sun that is Sri Guru.

Instead, you point to mundane signs as evidence “Srila Gurudeva” is defective and then attempt to enlist other similarly inclined persons to confirm your suspicions. I expect you will find a great deal of support in this endeavor as there are always a great number of persons eager to malign, disrupt and destroy spiritual faith which begins and ends with faith in Sri Guru. Those that do so then become your guru, or you theirs, with no spiritual profit accruing to either you nor them.

matir na krsne paratah svato va mitho ‘bhipadyeta grha-vratanam adanta-gobir visatam tamisram punah punas carvita-carvananam

“Prahlada Maharaja replied: Because of their uncontrolled senses, persons too addicted to materialistic life make progress toward hellish conditions and repeatedly chew that which has already been chewed. Their inclinations toward Krsna are never aroused, either by the instructions of others, by their own efforts, or by a combination of both.” (S-B, 7.5.30)

Srimad-Bhagavatam tells us that we can try to enter the world of higher reality through intellectualism, but we will again come back, baffled in our attempts. If we try to press with our intelligence to enter into that domain, we will come back dissatisfied in despair and will wander here within this mortal world again and again. The world of sense experience will come and go through its different phases, but it cannot enter that spiritual plane. To enter that world, the only requirement is submission to a real agent of divinity. He can impart the process, and if we can accept that, we will be able to enter that world; otherwise we will have to wander in this world of sense experience. (LSFTLS, p 73).

If it were only the two of you affected by your behavior I could tolerate a great deal more from you. That you are misled and misguided by the sway of your own minds is not remarkable, nor is it unexpected that you would need correction from time to time. But you have become determined to reject my advice and instructions making it impossible to correct your misconceptions or even address them in a reasonable fashion. You cannot continue in this manner in a position of leadership sanctioned by me.

I am responsible to many others besides yourselves who are sincere souls deserving of proper direction and guidance who you will also mislead as you attempt to persuade them to follow your ideas that stand in juxtaposition to the conclusions of our gurus. These sincere souls have already suffered too much from your nonsense and I am duty bound to offer them relief from it, if at all possible by me.

I don’t think you are insincere, nor will you be permanently satisfied with this departure you have taken from the higher spiritual path. The cloud over your head is temporary and will one day be dispelled by the grace of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Giridharijiu Who have attracted your attention to Their service but Who can only truly be served by following the authorized method prescribed by Them.

You like to preach what you understand of the precepts of our Sri Guru Varga and distribute our books. I hope you will continue to do so. If you do, I fully expect Mahaprabhu Himself, or Srila Gurudeva (Srila Govinda Maharaja), will correct any deficiencies in your understanding and in all respects will guide all sincere seekers in their approach to Sri Krishna in accordance with the degree of their surrender.

ye yatha mam prapadyante
tams tathaiva bhajamy aham

As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly.

I pray this finds you both well in health and spirits.


Swami B.K. Giri
[The blog mentioned above will be posted subsequent to this post.]