“The opinion of Srila Govinda Maharaja is not supreme.”?


This morning I was re-reading an email sent to me by a reader commenting on my article “To Err is Human …”

His eloquently stated opinions are worthy of reconsideration.

At the time, his comments were predominantly supportive of my positions on matters that continue to shout for our attention.

Now the email he wrote to me is almost two years old. I realize he may see things differently now. He may no longer be so inclined to support my opinions; or he may. I do not know.

What he has written may also be read by some who will conclude it is one more piece of evidence that I am an “acharya” possessed of some harmful misconceptions in need of an immediate exorcism.

One of his statements I find to be particularly intriguing and, transposing it into a question, have offered it as the title for this blog “The opinion of Srila Govinda Maharaja is not supreme.”?

Each is free to draw his own conclusions. In any event, I doubt the email can be read without inspiring some thoughtfulness on the part of the reader.

In times like these, that alone is reason enough to make it an object fit for our close examination.

“To Err is Human…” – A Reader Responds (V. Das)