“We give up.”

We don’t give up easily, but we know when we’ve been beaten. Today we acknowledge our defeat after receiving many beatings from Facebook.

Facebook, you win.

After countless struggles with uploads, shares, posts, etc., we admit to being no match for overcoming the many obstacles presented by Facebook, obviously intended to defeat all our attempts to use it as a convenient means of interfacing with the public.

Today we posted this message on our scsmathglobal.com Facebook Page:

We are no longer supporting this Facebook Page.

As a non-profit organization Facebook requires us to use their business format with so many associated problems it barely functions. That is our experience.

For us to use this Facebook page to our advantage would require a dedicated volunteer to maintain it.

If anyone would like to volunteer for this service we will reconsider our decision at that time.

Until then, please visit our website www.scsmathglobal.com

Or, my personal Facebook page by the name Giri Maharaja

Facebook farewell 2


Volunteers welcome.

If anyone has more patience or talent than we do for maintaining this Facebook page, we welcome your offer of help.


It’s “Hasta la Vista, baby.”, Adios, До свида́ния (Do svidanya), Au Revoir, Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Sayōnara / “さようなら, Zài jiàn” / “再见, Namaste, Bidāẏa” / “বিদায় to Facebook.

Or, as we say here, “Farewell, so long, goodbye forever??”